The-Safari-Guide-Magazine-2The Safari Guide is a quarterly digital publication, proudly brought to you by our award-winning team of travel experts here at Bench Africa. This stylish magazine, aimed at the sophisticated, savvy traveller, was born out of an innate desire to encourage more meaningful travel throughout the continent of Africa - in all its rich diversity. Each issue is packed with Africa travel news, sustainable travel ideas, insider tips, fervent tales, electrifying videos and dramatic imagery. If you care about our planet, if you’re desperate to get off the beaten track, if you want to mingle with the locals or just experience ‘the extraordinary’ in Africa then The Safari Guide has it all.


Travel has a habit of moving us in ways that very little else can, challenging our perception of the world the more we are exposed to new cultures and surroundings. In this issue of The Safari Guide we look beyond the obvious and showcase a combination of exciting new travel projects in Africa, as well as some of the firm favourites. We have carefully handpicked meaningful, rewarding and immersive experiences; those unique to the continent of Africa. And behind each and every article are remarkable people doing inspiring things to nurture the local cultures, landscapes and wildlife. 

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